How To Pick The Right Vermicelli Noodles

Please send this to whoever needs to see this and save for later because I bet you’ve been using the wrong vermicelli! I’ve explained this a few times now via my Instagram stories but since I keep on seeing people use the wrong type of noodle and keep getting asked questions about it, this should explain it once and for all!

You need to be buying RICE VERMICELLI noodles for my various Vermicelli Bowl recipes.

I’ve seen a lot of people buy and use Bean Thread Vermicelli instead and I think the main reason is because it’s the only vermicelli generally stocked in big supermarkets. Bean Thread Vermicelli is very different (see below quick comparisons) is texture, size and taste, even though it is another long noodle. It’s like calling Spaghetti and Angel Hair pasta the same thing.



  • Also known as glass or cellophane noodles
  • Made of mung bean flour
  • Texture: Thinner than rice vermicelli, translucent once cooked (hence the name glass or cellophane noodles) and more slippery.
  • Recipes that use it: filling inside spring rolls, certain soups, steamboat/hotpot recipes, stir fries like glass noodle stir fry.

For rice vermicelli, I use and grew up with the Golden Swallow brand. It’s in a red packet and comes in squares of 6 per packet which are perfect portion size per serve/person. You’ll find this in the noodle section of your local asian grocer. Look out for the red packet or just ask the grocer staff to help you!

I've even made a video explaining the difference below for ease; 



If you've made it this far, see below some of my recipes that require Rice Vermicelli noodles;