Sharing the most frequently asked questions here. If you have a question that hasn't been asked below, feel free to reach out at: orders@jessicanguyen.com.au.



How spicy is the Chilli Oil?

It's definitely spicy, probably a medium-hot level, what kind of chilli oil wouldn't be? However, Chilli Oil on Everything can be customised to your preference. If you prefer a super spicy kick then make sure to add extra chilli flakes to your dish. If you prefer a mild flavour, then use less flakes or even just the oil only.

Fridge or Pantry? Where should I store my Chilli Oil?

Our Chilli Oil is shelf stable so it doesn't need to be in the fridge, even after opening. Keep it in a cool dry place like your pantry or on your kitchen bench.

How is it handmade?

As this is a new small business, I don't have the means to use machinery in the production or packaging processes so pretty much every aspect is handmade/prepared by me (Jessica Nguyen), plus my mum and any other friends and family I can rope into helping me on that day I cook the batches.

From sterilising the jars, cleaning and prepping all the ingredients, cooking the oil in large pots, filling the jars, applying the labels to the jars, wrapping them and putting them into their boxes and dispatching out the order once it's received, it's all done by hand. Most of the time mine!

As such, you might experience a few slight imperfections here and there, maybe an air bubble in the label or what not, but that's the beauty of things that are hand versus machine made. They're perfectly imperfect.

How long can I keep my Chilli Oil?

Your Chilli Oil has a shelf life of 12 months but you should easily be able to get through one jar a lot faster than its shelf life depending on how obsessed you are with putting it on everything. Check the bottom of the jar for the best before date.

What can I put it on?

As the name states, you can put it in and on EVERYTHING! It's perfect on top of dumplings, pasta, pizza, rice, stir fries, noodles, eggs, smashed avo, vegemite toast (yes some eat it like this and it’s delicious!), used as a marinade or as a base to a dish adding a burst of umami to take your meal to the next level! You can see what other people have put their Chilli Oil on at @chillioiloneverything or see my latest blog post for some of my favourite recipes I've made that feature chilli oil in it.

I'm allergic to nuts, does your Chilli Oil contain any nuts?

We don't use any nuts in our chilli oil. Just oil, chilli flakes and a mix of fresh and dry aromatics.

What dietaries does your Chilli Oil cater to?

It's vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, low in salt (we don't add any in) and most people with fructose intolerances are able to enjoy it as the onions we use (fresh red onion and spring onion) is cooked and infused into the oil.

Can you please share the nutritional information and ingredients listing for your Chilli Oil?

Of course, please see below. This is on the label of every jar that is purchased too.




Where is my order confirmation?

As soon as you place an order, you will receive an email confirmation via the email address you entered on your order.

If for some reason, you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder and double check you entered your email address properly.

If you still haven’t received it after 24 hours please email us so we can assist at orders@jessicanguyen.com.au.



Where do you ship to?

We currently ship Chilli Oil on Everything Australia wide. We're also looking into being able to ship worldwide soon, so if you happen to live outside of Australia and would really love to order this, please reach out at orders@jessicanguyen.com.au and we'll try to facilitate this on a case by case basis.

How much is shipping?

We work with Sendle to calculate all of our shipping rates on all orders within Australia and NZ. Shipping will depend on the product and location.

When can I expect my order?

We dispatch orders from Melbourne and currently use Sendle to deliver them. You will receive an email to let you know your order has been shipped once we've dispatched it. The below is a guide based on test orders we've dispatched so far in Australia and we'll update this as we get more orders. Sometimes you might get them earlier, sometimes there might be a delay, especially in these uncertain times! However if you need it delivered urgently or by a specific date, please contact us ASAP at orders@jessicanguyen.com.au and we'll try our best to facilitate.

VIC- 1-2 business days

SA- 2-3 business days

TAS- 3-4 business days

NSW- 3-4 business days

ACT- 3-4 business days

QLD- 4-5 business day

WA- 5-6 days

NT- 5-6 days



My product has arrived damaged, what can I do?

We ensure the product is in perfect condition before sending off and aim to get it to you in that same condition, however sometimes damage can occasionally occur during the delivery and these things happen. Please expect the outer box to have some slight marks or impressions as its purpose is to protect the glass jar of chilli oil inside during delivery. However, if the item you received is damaged beyond that, please do contact orders@jessicanguyen.com.au immediately with your name, order number and images of the damage and we'll try to resolve this for you.

I think my product is faulty, what can I do?

As each jar of chilli oil is personally cooked and handmade by me, there might be some slight imperfections here and there. That's the beauty of handmade items, they're perfectly imperfect. However if you believe your product is faulty in any way, please reach out to orders@jessicanguyen.com.au with your name, order number and images and we'll try to resolve this with you.



I'd like to stock your Chilli Oil in my store/business? Are you accepting stockist applications?

If you're interested in stocking this product in your store/business, please email me at orders@jessicanguyen.com.au to discuss further!