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I visited Serai for dinner, and it was nothing short of incredible. Mouth-watering Filipino dishes and juicy natural wines. There was nothing on the menu that I didn’t like, the ‘McScallop’ was a banger but as each dish came out, I kept thinking ‘no, THIS is my favourite’. This is the kind of place where you come hungry and order one of everything to share. Also, the best seats there are at the chef’s table (choose this when you book online):  there’s 5 stool seats facing the kitchen and you get to watch everything that gets cooked. The perfect spot if for 1 or 2 for a date. Congrats Ross, it was heaven in Melbourne.



Everything I tried below:


  • Pakwan Two Three: sesame oil washed tequila, mezcal, watermelon agave, lime. A smashable cocktail that was the perfect way to kick off the meal.


  • ‘Selat lumpia’, organic pineapple, spiced coconut, smoked caviar. The perfect zingy bite to start
  • Seared kangaroo ‘kinilaw’, wood-roast bone marrow, toast. A very indulgent toast.

Crispy things

  • Kare kare’, hash brown, peanut sauce, herbs, salted duck egg. Ross added some caviar to this too.
  • ‘McScallop’ Abrolhos scallop, crab fat sauce, pandesal. 

Do not pass go without ordering one of these!

From the grill

  • Skull Island prawns, spiced buro butter, pandesal. I loved the pandesal on the side to mop up the sauce.
  • Gippsland lamb ribs, sticky ‘adobo’ sauce. These fell apart in your mouth.
  • Port Lincoln calamari, smoked ‘longanissa nduja’ dressing. Tastes like a spicy but delicate pasta.
  • ‘Sinangag’, garlic claypot rice, duck-yolk. Indulgent and comforting.


  • Pinoy- colada
  • Gaytime

These were delicious ice-creams on a stick. Tastes like your childhood memories that grew up and got really hot.

You can check them out below; 

Serai Kitchen
Racing Club Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

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