Añejo Old Fashioned


When it comes to tequila, there’s actually a few different types and this all depends on how long they have been aged. An Añejo tequila is the most premium and one that has been aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. It has a deep amber colour with oaky, smokey and caramel like flavours, similar to that of a whisky or bourbon. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, sipped on its own or in spirit I forward cocktails like this modern take on an old fashioned below. An old fashioned normal used whiskey as the spirit and orange peel for the garnish, but when you use a ages tequila, you can enjoy the flavours from aging and I’ve instead garnished with lemon instead for a hit of freshness. 🍋✨



  • 60 ml @patron Añejo tequila
  • 10 ml agave syrup
  • 1 dash bitters
  • 1 cup of ice or ice sphere
  • 1 strip of lemon peel, peeled and twisted

Watch the process


1. Place Patrón Añejo, agave syrup and bitters into a short rocks glass.
2. Add your ice into the glass and stir 5-6 times to chill down and dilute the drink.
3. Garnish with the length of lemon zest. Use your index finger and thumb to fold in half lengthwise and squeeze the citrus over the rim of the glass to release the aromas.
4. Twist and drop into your cocktail.

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