• Margarita

    A Margarita to celebrate International Margarita Day! 🍸❤️ If you feel like making one for yourself, here’s how I make mine to help transport myself to Los Cabos, Mexico!
  • Dry & Spicy Martini

    This one is a twist on a classic try martini using the latest Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin, a collaboration with @strangerandsons, another award wining gin distillery based in Goa.
  • Awamori Sour

    Awamori is the oldest distilled liquor in Japan and unique to Okinawa. It's known as Shima-zake (Island Sake), made from rice like sake but instead distilled. It’s clean, crisp taste makes it perfect as a cocktail base and pairing with japanese flavours. I’ve decided to pair it with some yuzu juice to make a sour.
  • Bloody Sour Cocktail

    Sharing another Four Pillars Gin cocktail recipe I learnt how to make with @elizabethmarie_89 at their Distillery in Healesville using their Bloody Shiraz Gin

  • G&T 4 WAYS

    Sharing 4 different types of G&Ts to celebrate World Gin Day! I’ve used some of my favourite gins and paired different tonics from Fever Tree to match the aromatics and also added in garnishes to complement.
  • Currant Club

    Bringing you an alternative take on the classic Clover Club cocktail, using Tanqueray's Blackcurrant Royale Gin. Whilst a Clover Club cocktail is traditionally a raspberry flavoured cocktail using grenadine, I’ve decided to turn this into a ‘Currant Club’ playing on the flavours of blackcurrant instead.
  • Blackcurrant Pastille

    This cocktail is inspired by those blackcurrant pastille lollies that I was obsessed with as a kid. It has a sugar rim which complements this slightly sweeter style gin and the lime makes it taste a bit like a margarita. If you want some fruity, sweet with a hit of sour, this one’s for you!

  • Spiked Iced Mocha

    The vibe
    It’s Friday and you’ve got 3:30itis and you need something more than a coffee to hit differently and get you to the weekend early.

    The taste
    A spiked iced mocha
  • Sour Yet Passionate (Passionfruit Sour)

    Sharing a delicious passionfruit cocktail I had the pleasure of making and drinking when I visited Trawool estate and checked out their newest restaurant and bar. It’s a lovely balance of vanilla sweetness with zesty passionfruit and the usually frothiness from a sour.
  • Cosmopolitan Cocktail

    The Cosmopolitan is an Iconic cocktail loved by all! The Vibe: Friday night drinks with the girls (Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda) in New York. The Taste: Fruity, slightly sweet, slightly sour, always delicious, you could easily drink 3
  • Blackcurrant & Green Apple Martini

    A fruity martini with hints of blackcurrant and apple, using Tanqueray's Blackcurrant Royale Gin. I used green apple juice to add a bit of tang and zing to contrast the berry sweetness from the blackcurrant gin.
  • Lychee Martini

    A highly requested cocktail that's also one of my favourite cocktails. The vibe: You’re the model from Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ music video frolicking in a lagoon and Peter Andre glides over and hands you one of these. The taste is sweet, crisp, honestly there are no adequate words to describe this perfection!