Watermelon & Mint Cocktail Punch

A funky and retro crowd pleasing cocktail for your next party! I’ve used a whole in season watermelon carving out all the flesh to turn into juice and prepped the outer shell to turn into a giant bowl in which to serve the punch in. Add your favourite gin or spirit, pour in some tonic and throw in fresh mint and you have a beautiful summer party cocktail that guests can serve themselves.

Serves- 10, at least 6 litres of punch


Watch the process


  1. Slice off the bottom of your watermelon approx. 3cm deep so that you have a flat bottom on your watermelon and it can stand upright without tipping over.
  2. Then cut a lid at the top of the watermelon approx. ⅓ of the height.
  3. Begin scooping out the flesh inside the watermelon and place the flesh into a bowl until you’ve reached about 5cm deep. Then stick an immersion blender into the inside of the watermelon and begin blending.
  4. Ladle and strain out the juice into a bowl.
  5. Repeat the process by continuing to scoop the flesh with a spoon until you hit the white rind of the watermelon.
  6. Scoop the flesh from the lid and place into the watermelon to blend and strain as well. 
  7. Once all the flesh has been scooped out and strained out of the watermelon, strain back in approx. 4 litres of the juice back in (approximately ⅔ of the way up). You should have nearly 2 litres left of juice which you can place into a jug for mocktails.
  8. Then pour in at least half of your bottle of gin, the tonic water, juice of the limes, hand torn mint and then handfuls of ice into the watermelon.
  9. Stir with a ladle to chill down. Taste and add more of what you wish to your liking.
  10. Ladle the punch into glasses filled with ice and enjoy!

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