Cheese & Cicchetti Table

An ode to CHEESE & CICCHETTI for my best friend’s baby shower last weekend. When it comes to special occasions nothing beats a beautiful spread of cheeses, but for this party in particular, I was inspired to pair some of my favourite cheese and dairy products into the perfect bites in the style of Venetian cicchetti, which I absolutely loved eating when I was in Italy. They make for the perfect party snacks that your guests can simply pick up and eat.

I went to my local market to source all my favourite local Australian cheese and dairy products (including burrata, mozzarella, bocconcini and stracciatella from @thatsamorecheese, butter from @pepesaya, fresh ricotta from The Cheese Shop, cream cheese spread and an Australian cheddar block) as well as some seasonal produce to put together this beautiful spread.

On the menu

Whipped ricotta with anchovy
I whipped some fresh ricotta with olive oil, salt and lemon zest and juice, then piped onto baguette slices and topped with an anchovy.

Whipped duck and chicken fat butter with crispy chicken skin crumble
I whipped @pepesayabutter with milk, oak smoked salt, duck and chicken fat and then topped with crispy chicken skin I baked in the oven.

Rosemary focaccia
You can find the recipe to my herb focaccia here, instead just substitute the herb paste for fresh rosemary.

Burrata, mozzarella and bocconcini on a bed of smashed peas and mint
I bought a whole lot of @thatsamorecheese, boiled 2 cups of frozen peas, plunged into ice water and then blitz half the mixture. Spread it on a plate and topped with the cheeses and some prosciutto.

Edible flowers with stracciatella
A layer of cheese topped with some shredded edible flowers.

Stracciatella, fig and honey
Put everything on small slices of baguette, in that order.

Witlof boats with stracciatella, roasted walnuts and red radish
Put everything in a witlof leaf, in that order.

Stracciatella with tomberries, red radish and micro herbs
Put everything on sliced baguette, in that order.

Dill cream cheese baby cucumber boats with dill and Chilli Oil
Whip cream cheese with dill and parsley. Then halve your baby cucumbers and scoop out the flesh before piping the cream cheese in and top with dill and chilli oil.

Stracciatella, Mortadella, and pistachio
Put everything on sliced baguette, in that order.

Tasty cheddar squares, kabana and cornichons on skewers
Chop everything up and skewer it. Also Kabana is elite.

Parmigiano reggiano with aged balsamic
Crumble a big block of Parmigiano into chunks and drizzle some aged balsamic over the top.

A platter of baby vegetable crudités: carrots, heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers
I just love fresh baby vegetables on a plate, eaten on their own or with some cheese.

A platter of meats: prosciutto, mortadella and twiggy sticks
Because it ain’t a party without twiggy sticks.




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