• Beef Short Ribs, Three Ways over Three Days

    This is one of my ‘cook smarter not harder’ recipes because truthfully, it’s how I’m cooking these days as a mum with a baby but also as I get lazy/cosy over winter. Currently, I physically and mentally can’t cook everyday, but I also don’t want to eat the same thing everyday.

    I’m taking one big pot of slow cooked beef short ribs, but showing you how to serve it three different ways over three days, by layering over a few different ingredients each day to make the meals slightly different, still interesting and hopefully family friendly. I chose a ragu too because they only improve in flavour over time and multiple days, so the sauce just gets better and better.

  • Raspberry Mille Feuille

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  • Christmas Tree Pavlova

    A six tiered, show stopping festive dessert inspired by my own Christmas tree this year in reds and pinks.
  • Vietnamese Grilled Beef in Betel Leaf Skewers - Bò Nướng Lá Lốt

    Thinly sliced and marinated beef is delicately wrapped in a betel leaf resembling the shape of a cigar and then placed onto skewers and then grilled over flames until the leaves get charry, the skewers are glistening, juicy and fragrant. They’re served fresh and hot in rice paper rolls, otherwise you could also serve it in bowls as bún (vermicelli noodle bowls).
  • Capellini con Granchio

    A fresh, simple and delicate summery pasta with spanner crab, baby asparagus, parsley, chilli, lemon and angel hair pasta.
  • Prawn Linguine

    The key to packing flavour into this simple 15 minute pasta is in using the prawn heads and rendering them in some good quality olive oil which creates a fragrant prawn oil and becomes the base of the sauce.
  • Butterflied Prawns with Vegemite and XO Sauce

    A flavour/umami packed marinade for the next time you grill some butterflied prawns.
  • Sticky Vegemite Chicken Wings

    Easy sticky chicken wings with a vegemite marinade.