Cherry Panettone Tiramisu

This was an improvised dessert I pulled together on holiday. I had a leftover panettone to use up and some fresh cherries and 20 minutes later ended up with this!

A very loose recipe process below because I absolutely just eyeballed it and that’s because there’s not a lot to it, so please feel free to take some creative liberties depending on what you have on hand. That is, substitute the panettone for a fruit bread, cake or opt for the classic sponge fingers. Use whatever fruit is in season, add in whatever booze you want with the espresso or none at all. It makes the perfect portioned desserts for yourself, others or both.

Watch the recipe process



  1. I cooked the cherries in a pan with some sugar for a few minutes until they became soft jammy and syrupy.
  2. Then I cut out some slices of panettone. I used my serving glasses as a guide to ensure I had the perfect size panettone rounds to fit my glass.
  3. Soak the little panettone circles it in a bowl filled with espresso and some shots of Grand Mariner (you could add any liqueur you like or none at all but I do love a boozy dessert) and then place it into the bottom of a rocks glass.
  4. Then I added a layer of the cooked cherries, hand whipped some cream and added and layer of that and then repeat the three layers once one until the cream hit the top of the glass.
  5. Level the cream out with a spoon and top with fresh pitted cherries and some strawberries and a generous grating of heytigerco chocolate.
  6. Pop them into the fridge to chill and then pulled it out for dessert for dinner! I ended up with four, but you could even just make this for one. x

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