G&T Oysters

I love eating oysters and will generally eat them on their own with some fresh lemon or make a mignonette, but I was inspired to try something a little different and what better way than to incorporate one of my favourite cocktails, gin and tonic using my favourite Fever Tree tonic water.

In my version, the G&T component is actually served on top of each oyster as a granita versus the standard liquid form which makes for a cooling and crunchy sensation. In terms of garnishes, I decided to pair it with some finely sliced kaffir lime leaves and caviar that is also gin infused from @fourpillarsgin and @yarravalleycaviar’s latest collaboration.
The recipe is pretty simple, but the most important thing is to make sure that all ingredients are chilled before serving and dressed quickly and enjoyed cold. Eating warm oysters is not a vibe.

Makes 1 dozen oysters
Ingredients 6
Cooking time 5 minutes (plus 5 hours freezing time)
Skill Level Easy


  • 1 dozen shucked oysters
  • 3 bottles (600ml) of Fever Tree Tonic Water
  • 100ml of your choice of gin
  • 30g of your choice of caviar, optional
  • 1 lime, or any citrus of your choice
  • 2 kaffir lime leaves, optional

Watch the process


  1. Grab a baking tray and a micro plane, and pour three bottles of tonic into the baking tray.
  2. Grate the zest of 1 lime into the tonic water. Be sure to grate the green skin only and not the white part as that will add bitterness rather than sweetness. Cover with foil and place into the freezer to freeze. This should take roughly 5 hours.
  3. Once fully frozen, use a fork to scrape the ice block into small pieces until you get a fine granita consistency.
  4. Prepare your kaffir lime leaf by tearing the leaves from the stem. Group the leaves together in a stack, roll into a cigar and finely chop into hair like strands. This will be used for garnishing. 
  5. grab a large platter and either pour in some rock salt or small crushed ice onto the platter. Rock salt helps stabilise your oysters, while ice keeps them chilled. Then place your shucked oysters down onto the bed of ice or salt.
  6. Spoon in a teaspoon or so of the lime/tonic water granita into each oyster
  7. Now grab your favourite gin, make sure it's cold (you can place this into the freezer for a few hours) and spoon in a teaspoon of gin over the tonic granita and into the oyster shell.
  8. Optional step - garnish your oyster with some caviar if you want to be boujee. The squishy yet slightly salty texture of the caviar contrasts the crunchy sweet granita really nicely!
  9. Finish off with a sprinkling of the kaffir lime strands. This gives a hit of freshness.
  10. Serve and enjoy immediately! Oysters must always be consumed chilled, so make sure all of your ingredients are chilled before serving, and dress them as quick as you can.



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