Glasgow Affogato

A boozy dessert that doubles as a drinkable cocktail. Affogato translates to ‘drowned’ in Italian where ice-cream is drowned in coffee that turns into this coffee sundae meets espresso martini deliciousness that you can drink or eat with a spoon. 


  • 30ml (1 shot) of Vodka. I'm using @G52vodka Rich Coffee Botanical Vodka
  • 100ml of espresso coffee
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream
  • 3 coffee beans, for garnishing


  1. Pour your vodka into your coffee and stir to combine
  2. Place a scoop of ice cream into a glass.
  3. Pour the coffee and vodka mixture over the ice-cream.
  4. Garnish with three coffee beans on top in the centre of the glass.
  5. Drink and use a spoon to enjoy the ice-cream before it melts. Enjoy!

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