How to Host a Raclette Party

I found the perfect raclette grill and a bunch of other products on @Amazonaustralia and bought a beautiful slab of raclette cheese from my local market, to spoil my mum for Mother’s Day. To host your own raclette party, here’s what you’ll need and how to pull it together below.

Watch the process


Most importantly, you'll need a Raclette Grill, of course! I bought mine on Amazon Australia you can find it here. To re-create my Mother's Day spread you can find my Wish List with all the products here.


  • 400g of Raclette cheese or any melting cheese like gruyere
  • 1 kg bag of small chat potatoes, peeled and boiled until soft
  • 200g of ham
  • ½ cup of cornichons
  • 1 baguette, sliced
  • Your choice of vegetables for grilling or eating raw. I went with baby carrots, asparagus, beans, capsicum and mushrooms.
  • Optional: Terrine and pickled pearl onions


  1. Prepare all of your sides and place them onto the table.
  2. Heat up your raclette grill.
  3. Slice your cheese into 10cm squares and place
  4. into the individual raclette pans once warm. Place into the grill and let it melt for 5 minutes.
  5. You can also grill some vegetables with a little bit of olive oil and salt on the top grill section.
  6. Place some potatoes onto your plate, squashing
  7. them down with your fork. Add some ham and cornichons.
  8. Once the cheese has fully melted and is bubbling, pour it on top over the potatoes.
  9. Enjoy immediately.
  10. Grill more cheese as many times you wish!


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