How to Avoid Your Pizza Base From Sticking

Essentially, ‘Flour is your friend’ and ‘more is more’ in this case!

You need to make sure any equipment you use to prep and cook your pizza is well floured before using and continue to flour it generously whilst using. So flour your chopping board or kitchen bench, the pizza peel and any other tools you use, plus make sure there’s plenty of flour on the bottom of the base and when you transfer it onto your peel, give it a shimmy to make sure it’s not sticking. That way it definitely should not stick to your Gozney when you go to slide it into the oven to cook!

I just use the same flour I make my dough, a plain or Tipo 00 works but some people like to use semolina which acts like little ball bearings and stops your pizza from sticking. Basically any flour will work ultimately, just be liberal with it.

This video is from this time last year when we stayed at The Wensley for my husband’s birthday and made pizzas for one of the dinners. Side note- if you have the Gozney Roccbox like I do, it’s great for taking on road trips. I just pack it into the bag supplied and make sure there’s a gas bottle where we’re staying and then you fire it up and cook!

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