Spicy Vodka Sauce Pizza

A pizza made in collaboration with my good friend Tori from @intothesauce. We love a vodka sauce, we know you love a vodka sauce but have you ever put it on a pizza?!! Obviously it’s not a traditional Italian pizza base sauce, but this series is all about what tastes good and we think this American Italian pasta sauce works on pizza!

Why it works? Because you all know how to make a vodka sauce and we’ve made it countless times throughout 2020. Plus, say you make a vodka pasta throughout the week, you could reserve some and freeze to use on your pizzas on the weekend, otherwise it takes 15 minutes to quickly whip up with minimal ingredients. Plus the thick and creamy consistency makes it perfect as a pizza sauce base. If your sauce is a little runny, reduce it down a bit on the stove so it’s thick rich, otherwise, your pizza doesn’t go soggy. 


Watch the process



  1. Spread the vodka sauce over your pizza base
  2. Place your mozzarella slices
  3. Once your pizza oven is hot and ready (we’ve cook in the @gozney roccbox and I normally wait until it gets to 400 degrees celcius) place it into the oven and cook for 90 seconds if using a @gozney or until the cheese has fully melted and the crusts are puffed and slightly charred.
  4. Pull out from the oven, and place onto a chopping board.
  5. Scatter over your fresh basil leaves and drizzle over some @chillioiloneverything.
  6. Cut the pizza into quarters and enjoy immediately!

Watch the step by step process

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