Chef Emlyn Bilbie's Green Eggs No Ham Pizza

I met Emlyn Bilbie at the Gozney Pizza Party, and he made the most incredible GREEN EGGS NO HAM PIZZA 🌱🥚🍕  which I thought would be fun to share the process as part of my pizza series. It was one of my favourite pizzas and I love all the layers and elements that go into it!


Made in this order:
48 hour sourdough pizza dough- 70% hydration
Buttermilk ricotta cream
Fior di Latte
Finely sliced garlic
Fried eggplant slices
Smoked buffalo mozzarella
Very lightly dusted with a 50/50 ration of semolina and plain flour
Into the @gozney Roccbox
Pulled out and sliced up with the @gozney Rocker
Salsa Verde
Fresh oregano leaves
Pecorino Romano

Watch the process below;


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You can also check out Emlyn's Instagram  for more pizza recipes & ideas. And if you are in Sydney, he cooks at Dimitri's Pizzeria from Wednesday's to Saturday's


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