Squash, Coriander & Marigold Pizza


A pizza cooked together with the wonderful Feng from @leopardcrust using some beautiful autumn veg.

Ingredients and Process

  1. 1 ball of @leopardcrust’s pizza dough (recipe on her website here) stretched out onto a floured board.
  2. I then used a coriander paste for the base. I made this by finely chopping coriander and mixing it with olive oil and salt
  3. Then add in some microplaned slices of Crooked neck squash and make sure they are overlapping each other over the coriander paste.
  4. Crumble on top some @thatsamorecheese Buffalotto cheese.
  5. Cook in your Gozney Dome for 90 seconds.
  6. Sprinkle over some Marigold petals on top as a garnish.
  7. Best enjoyed in the sunshine!

Watch the process


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